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"Architect by education, mountaineer by passion, freeman by vocation, Enricomaria Mathis has for some time replaced the camera with the guitar to translate emotions and sensations into Art."  (Luigi Benedetto)

These words say a lot about me. You sense a certain attitude towards culture, perceive musical taste and artistic flair, and feel passion for open spaces, possibly uphill. The guitar, I have to say, is still a big part of my life, and I hope I'll be able to carry out a small musical project soon. But I would like to add some aspects that I believe define me and have distanced me from what are more or less predictable paths. Over the last few years, I have developed a personal perception of reality and a concern for others through yogic practices and other forms of meditation.

It is a challenging path because it is the basis of my current life, where art, nature, and care meet and give life to original projects.

The Ghiaccio Piccolo is the first project to come to light. It is an introspective journey inspired by ice that enhances individual sensitivity. Other projects are on the way, where nature, artistic sensitivity, and psychology intertwine to create paths of self-analysis and personal growth.

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